VisualStation VS360HD

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Working with Synology NAS, VS360HD is an ultra-compact companion system offering features from Surveillance Station including live view and management tools.

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Ideal for TV wall setup

TV wall is ideal for monitoring a massive amount of camera at a glance, and it is easy to set up with VisualStation.

Dual screen display

Supporting dual monitor video outputs to allow users to switch between mirrored and extended desktop modes, VisualStation provides a cost-efficient, easy to setup, and scalable TV wall solution.

Minimum device size

The whole system fits in a palm-sized enclosure and can be easily attached to a wall or the back of a screen with a VESA compatible mount.

Convenient live view and playback interface with VS360HD

VS360HD provides a user-friendly interface and powerful features both inherited from Surveillance Station.

Intuitive interface for easy operation

For both beginner and advanced users, you can enjoy versatile features by operating VisualStation directly via an intuitive interface using a USB mouse, keyboard, or even a joystick1.

Support most Surveillance Station features

Perform PTZ actions in Live View, switch to Timeline to watch recorded events, take snapshots and export them to an external storage device, and more2.

Video decoder (up to 36ch @720p)

Price is VAT Included

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